As this short history and description shows, what constitutes the physical layout of Jerusalem is politically and geographically contested and all definitions of Jerusalem have physical, economic, social, environmental, and political problems. The intention of this document has been to focus attention on the problems in Jerusalem. There are a plethora of other issues and areas which we have not been touched upon, such as health care systems, religious institutions and holy sites. Further discussion and supplementary materials on these and other issues are available to registered participants section of this website. Still, it is the responsibility and choice of each entrant to delve into their preferred subject or theme, and produce a submission based on their own research and hopes for the city. Also, we expect submissions to address issues of equality, access to land, urban design, security, and the environment, as well as other pressing concerns. While there may be many ways to reverse the trends in Jerusalem and to alleviate the problems the city’s inhabitants face, it will take creativity, compassion and unique thinking to raise the quality of life for all Jerusalem’s residents.